The Top Secret To Passing An Interview
14 Jul 2016

Have you ever been in an interview and totally nailed it but no one called you back, then after few days you decided to call them and kindly ask if there are any news and someone from the recruitment team gave you that answer starting with the most depressing word ever; unfortunately…

It happens that sometimes you might have the right experience, ruswisstime the right education, totally fit with the job criteria, have the right physic, been exactly the person they are looking for but still don’t make it.

Here’s the secret: self-confidence yes self-confidence, self-confidence, self-confidence I can never stress this enough!

The interviewer must see you as the one and only who can really handle this role, no matter what you say or what you show if you’re not confident enough about it; you won’t convince him.

The confidence lies in your body language, the way you sit, it lays in your voice tone, and 90% in the way you look at the interviewer! Your eyes must say: this job is mine not: please help me get this job!

If you are asked about something that you did before, answer with all self-confidence: Yes I know how to do that, and if you are asked about something that you never did and don’t know how to do, then answer: No I don’t know how to do that, but with exactly the same level of self-confidence!

The interviewer will be amazed by your confidence and will just pass to the next question with a good feeling about you.

But wait a minute, franck muller replica there’s a small trick here, even if you are at top management level and been interviewed by a junior recruitment officer, don’t forget that during the interview the interviewer is in the power position  and will love to stay in cause it makes him feel really good! So you need to moderate your confidence to a point that you don’t take that from him, after all, he is just your first little door into grabbing this opportunity.

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