Frequently Asked Questions


1: Why should I instruct Global Heritage Properties? What do you offer over and above another agent?

We give a personal service over and above our competitors. We care about our clients, we care about getting you the best price, we care about the presentation of your property, we care about the way your transaction is handled and most of all we care that the service you receive and the eventual sale or rental price that you get, is right for you.

2: Tell me in a nutshell why your service is better than other agents.

Many of the larger companies use a “conveyor belt” style of selling, whereby your property comes onto the market, goes through a process of advertising and hopefully gets sold or let on the way through.

But if your property is not sold, it’s usually forgotten, as the agent is busy with the next new instruction.

Global Heritage Properties does not work that way, we don’t treat our clients as products or their properties as goods. We understand individuality, we appreciate that your property deserves to be treated as special. It should be handled with thought, and marketed to generate the best opportunities with a strategy that enables maximum coverage.  We offer tailor made marketing campaigns, each unique and each exclusive. There are no formulas and templates, but a mixture of well placed advertising, editorial and a very experienced team of staff, all of whom are approachable, sensitive to your needs and want to get the job done, your way and to your timetable.

3: How does Global Heritage Properties bring the right people to my door?

As we all know, nothing beats getting a buyer or a tenant into your property, so we employ our own specialist approach to qualifying our applicants to ensure that you get only suitable people viewing. We are thorough in our research to ensure that applicants whose criteria do not match, or those who have no serious interest in buying or renting do not waste your time. We actually talk to our purchasers and prospective tenants and establish not only their requirements but whether they have the ability to buy or rent, as well as, their time frame for executing a transaction. These methods are tried and tested and have proved very effective. Naturally, we can’t guarantee that the first viewer will buy or rent, but we can be sure that their requirements “fit the bill”.

Much of our business is recommended. This is not due to luck but because we earn it. We try to give all our clients at all price levels, the same individual service and we “go the extra mile” to ensure that we have covered all the bases. There is no more sincere form of flattery than those people who come back to us time after time and/or endorse us to their friends.  Often these clients are loyal to Global Heritage Properties as they know they will get excellent and efficient service.

4: Where do you advertise?

We  have our own website at

We have established a presence on the social networks that is proving very popular, regularly posting relevant items onto, dubizzle, and Facebook, adding another dimension to our already expansive coverage and increasing our following almost daily.

Where applicable and allowed, For Sale or To Let boards provide another string to our bow.

5: If I want to rent my property and/or have it managed why would I choose Global Heritage Properties?

We specialize in property management and letting forms part of that process. We pride ourselves on our customer service and attention to detail, so that when you let your property you can be certain that proposed tenants credentials, and finances are all thoroughly checked. If we have any doubts about suitability we will advise Landlords accordingly, even to the extent of suggesting that we find an alternative tenant. Not many agents can own up to that!  Property Management is skilled and we have a designated department that is not an add on to our existing business,  it is one that we have sought to perfect, so that you know you are in the very best hands, if you are unable to deal with the property yourself or just prefer a hassle free scenario. You don’t have to worry as we will handle it all and treat your property as if it were our own.

6: What fees do you charge?

Global Heritage Properties offers competitive rates depending on the type of instruction. We are always available to discuss the different rates. Our priority is your priority:  to get your property sold or let at the best price and in the most convenient way.

7: How do you operate your website?

We are consistently updating our website to ensure that you get the best possible tools to advertise your property. We maintain full control over the content of our website and can usually arrange for a property to be uploaded within 24 hours (depending on the timing for the photographs). Almost simultaneously it uploads to all the property search portals, so that you get maximum coverage in rapid time. Our site incorporates maps and Street View, floorplans and photographs and interactive e-mail addresses so that you can communicate directly with any member of staff or ask any questions before you view. You can register and receive updates of all our new instructions, meet the team online, set your parameters for your choice of home, contact us via Facebook, Twitter and if all else fails, naturally, you can call or write to us too.

8: Do I have to be at home for viewings?

You do not have to be at home when viewings take place, in fact, many of our clients prefer to be elsewhere and not involved in the process at all. Our team, are very experienced and they will always have all the information about your property to hand, so any questions from a buyer can be answered. We will always leave your property as we find it, so no need to worry about security. If you do wish to be present during appointments, we are delighted to have your assistance, as no one knows more about your home than you.

9. What is next at Global Heritage Properties

At Global Heritage Properties we have always been the first to look at new ideas. We are one of the leaders in social media and are continually growing our following as this area goes from strength to strength. Our brand new website has been specifically designed to ensure ease of navigation and is smart phone friendly.

Over the coming year a number of new initiatives are on the way including our involvement in an exciting new property portal that should take the high quality property market to another level. We are always looking to see if we can enhance your property experience and equally happy to receive your feedback if you feel we have done a great job or if you have any constructive criticism. We promise to listen.

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