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Global Heritage Properties & Business Management is increasingly focused on investing, supporting, managing and opening new companies. The UAE offers business investors a great opportunity to expand their business and earn high profits, thanks to its developed economy, great infrastructure, political stability and investor-friendly norms.

The process of getting a business setup in UAE can become expensive without the right guidance, expertise and connections. We at Global Heritage Business Setup & Management can help you with your company formation and business setup needs within Abu Dhabi, UAE.

If you are looking at the lowest cost for business setup in UAE, our attractive business setup with commercial space packages can help you establish your business in a very minimal time.


Global Heritage Business Setup and Management is an Abu Dhabi-based business setup and management firm, which offers company formation services in Abu Dhabi. We help you register your company and get your business licenses in a hassle free way. We also provide PRO services, labor and immigration services in Abu Dhabi. We have registered over 500 companies in UAE, and also provide you with offices for rent in the heart of the city of Abu Dhabi. 


Setting up a business in UAE can be tough, time-consuming and expensive. With international consultants and strong government connections, we, at Global Heritage Business Setup and Management, make this process hassle-free with low-cost and effective solutions. We help our clients set up their business in UAE in minimum 6 to 8 business days.


Global Heritage Business Setup & Management was established in 2010 and since then, with dedication and commitment, provides a complete range of business setup services such as licensing, public relations, company formation and registration as well as furnished business centers in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Setting up a business in UAE is an important decision and we help our clients take the best decisions at the most appropriate time. Global Heritage Business Setup has helped more than 500 companies to setup their businesses in the UAE over a period of time. By choosing us as your business setup partner, you save time, effort and money while setting up your business in UAE with the backing of Global Heritage Business Setup & Management.

Our team provides impeccable services, which can be customized to suit the requirements of individual businesses. We understand that complex business issues require detailed perception, proper outlining, correct execution and objective evaluation. The secret behind the dedication of our highly motivated staff at Global Heritage Business Setup is that the skills of every individual is recognized and appraised. Thus, we provide specially designed consultative services in corporate, commercial, financial and administrative matters. We also maintain healthy relationships with the regulatory authorities and government officials in UAE.

Global Heritage Business Setup & Management have formed companies across industries such as real estate, media, trade, tourism, construction, information technology, marketing and advertising, facilities management, manufacturing, human resources, manpower supplies and many more. Global Heritage Business Setup has successfully managed to provide a wide variety of services and solutions, geared towards enhancing quality and improvising client service, over the past few years. Over the last couple of years, Global Heritage Business Setup has evolved as one of the best business setup company in Abu Dhabi, UAE. And we aim to continue doing so with your business setup plans as well. If you have a talent and want to turn that into your business, contact Global Heritage Business Setup & Management today!


  1. Trade Name Approval - The process of company registration begins with trade name approval. All further approvals are obtained once the company name is established. There are basic steps to select a company name on which Global Heritage Properties consultants will guide you with.
  2. Initial Approval (Activities) - The risk aspect and categorisation of your business activity will determine how much due diligence is required before initial approval can be granted. Risk factors considered include any which may pose a threat to humans, animals or the environment. The higher the level of associated risk, the more administrative approval is required. Business activities can be classified as ‘no risk’ ‘low risk’, ‘medium risk’ and ‘high risk’.
  3. Notary Public - Once approval is granted, the incorporation documents are to be formalized before a notary. The incorporation documents required before your commercial license or professional license is granted will depend on the legal compliance requirements of your type of enterprise.
  4.  Attestation of Tenancy Contract - Part of the incorporation process includes registering an office space. You need to obtain a tenancy agreement for land which is zoned for your particular business activities and registered. This can be checked with the local municipality.
  5. Final Approval - The last step of the incorporation process is the issuing of your license.


(Provision of physical services or trading activities)

A Limited Liability Company is established in UAE under the Commercial Companies Law. This is the most commonly used business type for companies with foreign ownership wishing to conduct commercial activities and trade in the UAE.

Each partner is only liable to the extent of his or her share capital/value.

As per UAE LAW- 51% minimum ownership must be held by a UAE national and 49% ownership will be held by the foreign shareholder/s.

Each of the partners shall only be liable to the extent of their share capital in the company upon incorporation as stated in the executed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).

To ensure legal compliance- we advise that a local partner of Global Heritage Properties will act as the Local Service Partner. We shall issue a Local Service Appointment Contract to regulate the relationship between both parties. The local agent will not have any financial obligations or management authority.

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