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Ultimately, the success of your real estate investment depends on securing exceptional property management Combining Professional Property Selection with Consistent, High-Quality Management

Ensuring that property owners obtain the highest income on their well-managed properties and attract the best paying tenants. Also, ensuring the highest price when it comes time to sell.

Key Advantages of Property Management Services

Keeping a rental property in good condition is essential for maintaining maximum value. With Global Heritage Properties managing your property, you will be worry-free, knowing that everything is taken care of. We manage all inspections, maintenance, repairs and upgrades. As one of the top property management companies in Abu Dhabi with over 30 years of professional experience, and an extensive portfolio of quality trade resources, we consistently exceed client expectations.

  • Income Property The highest income – well-managed properties attract the best paying tenant
  • Return on Investment The highest price when it comes time to sell.


Whether you’re budgeting for today or planning for tomorrow –is Global Heritage Properties with you every step of the way.


Our program guarantees the monthly rental income for your property, on time and every month for the duration of the tenancy. Our scrutinizing screening process gives Global Heritage Properties Investments the confidence to offer peace of mind and benefits for your investment property.


We are able to handle projects that include repairs, maintenance, updates, home makeovers and more in order to maximize the potential of your property investment, whether for rent or sale.


From homeowners who are relocating, and want to rent their properties; to tenants being moved into the city for business, to the relocation of employees for many companies.


For the foreign investor who wants to enjoy the stability and future growth in Abu Dhabi real estate, we offer great investment opportunities in terms of Commercial and Residential Property investment in downtown Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other Emirates.


As real estate and property investment experts, we at Global Heritage Propertiessee more institutional and robust reasons why investing in Abu Dhabi property is strongly recommended. From companies considering commercial locations to individuals and families weighing their housing or investment options, Abu Dhabi has to be first on the list.


Global Heritage Propertiesallows you to take a hands-off approach toward your rental real estate investments. We handle all aspects of tenant management. Rest assured you will always receive your rent cheque on time, every month, without fail.


We are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for property issues requiring immediate attention (e.g., power outages, broken pipes). We also manage all day-to-day maintenance and any improvements or upgrades you request.


Get your listing noticed with our home staging for your rental property. Increase your home or properties’ potential by helping the potential buyer or leasor to see how they could live in the space. Wether staging the home for sale or for rent, prepare your property to attract the most prospective buyers and renters and maximize the sale price!


We ensure a smooth tenant transfer process. Global Heritage Propertiesdoes a thorough inspection, extensively photographing your property just prior to the tenant taking residence. The tenant is required to sign a “check-in list” before moving in and a “check-out list” upon vacating.


In Abu Dhabi, investment in properties – the rightproperties – is paramount. This is our specialty. We know where the real estate market has grown and where it hasn’t. We can recommend investment properties in Abu Dhabi that show the best return for the investor.

Residential Property Management in Abu Dhabi

A rental property is a major, possibly very profitable investment. To see the greatest returns, these properties must be managed properly. This is why so many owners seek out solutions for residential property management in Abu Dhabi. These services do much more than simply collect rent checks on your behalf each month.

Investing in the Right Properties

If you are considering purchasing a rental property or expanding, a property management team, such asGlobal Heritage Propertiescan be of great value. They provide real estate consulting services to help you make wise investment choices.

Not all rental properties are created equal. Some are located in neighbourhoods that show greater potential, will attract more reliable tenants, and need less upkeep and maintenance.Global Heritage Propertieshas provided residential property management in Toronto for many years, and therefore, knows how to recognize the listings that are worthwhile and those that are riskier.

Attracting the Best Tenants

Well-maintained and managed properties attract and keep better renters. High quality tenants are those that reliably pay rent on time every month, who stay for a long period of time, and do not cause disturbances to other tenants. Attracting and screening for these types of tenants is a full time job.

A residential property management company can help you with this task not only by keeping the property in top shape, but also by advertising and showing it properly, and by thoroughly screening applicants. A property management company can take over all of the time-consuming due diligence necessary for finding reliable renters.

Collecting Rental Income

Of course, residential property management does also include collecting rental income every month. Especially when you have many tenants, collecting rent every month can become difficult, when you have to keep track of who is late and who owes late fees. The management company can take over the burden of tracking down and reducing the occurrence of late payments.

Maintenance and Repairs

No property owner wants to have plans interrupted because a rental property is experiencing a leak, power outage, or another emergency. What can you do when a tenant calls in the middle of the night because there is flooding or another serious problem?

A residential property management company will field all of these problems for you, while also performing regular maintenance to keep these situations from happening. The costs associated with repairs are also reduced when regular maintenance is completed and tracked for each property.

Regular Inspections and Reporting

Once you enlist the help of residential property management in Abu Dhabi, you can easily learn about the current status of any of your properties. The management company can perform regular inspections of the properties and report back any upcoming maintenance needs. You can also receive regular updates regarding rental income for each property to ensure that each investment is performing well.

If you are interested in enjoying all of these services and more, contact Global Heritage Properties to consult with experienced residential property management professionals. They can help you better understand how you can benefit from these solutions.

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