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 Global Heritage Properties is proud to provide the following brokerage services to our clients:

  • Finding suitable investments
  • Selling of real estate investments
  • Purchasing of real estate investments
  • Informing clients of the market value of real estate investments

Access to the Multi Listing Website, exposing your investments to a more extensive audience of prospective buyers and/or tenants.

In addition to being a property management company, Global Heritage Properties is also a real estate brokerage company. Global Heritage Properties - Investments & Brokerage teams brings over years of brokerage experience in buying and selling both residential and commercial rental properties in Abu Dhabi and other Emirates.

We provide real estate services to our clients, and efficiently process the real estate transactions associated with the management of their investments.

Because of Global Heritage Properties dual focus in sales and management, clients can expect a cohesive delivery of integrated brokerage and property management services in one convenient location.

Having your brokerage needs overseen by the company that manages your rental properties creates invaluable benefits for you as an investor or as a customer.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Our intimate knowledge of the Landlord & Tenant Act, helping with the sale and lease of commercial and residential properties
  • Our familiarity with your rental property as property managers, leading to superior, effective marketing strategies
  • Our knowledgeable staff —the people who manage your investment and know it best— will be the ones showing your property, ensuring prospective buyers and/or tenants are well-aware of the features and finishes your property offers
  • Our close relationship with tenants, making the process of showing a rental property much smoother
  • Our ability to efficiently process and track tenants’ leases, creating a effective transition of ownership of a rental property so that the leasing of your investment can proceed seamlessly
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